The Right Decision At The Right Time

Real-Time Intelligence for Real-Time Optimization

Now, you can take every key variable of your drilling and machine data into account. With an unparalleled granular view of well construction, activity, service companies and operators can optimize critical processes to help reduce well costs and risks to people and equipment. AlphaAnalytics showcases:

  • Insights from Rig Machines and EDR, streaming data channels at 5Hz sample rates
  • Industry-leading big data ingestion platform using Cloud and Edge computing
  • New levels of optimization with real-time data processing and efficient data aggregation

Next-Level Situational Awareness

Give key stakeholders unprecedented visibility into activity with cutting-edge video analytics through Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and traditional camera streams. Real-time video analytics supplement your other drilling data and improve situational awareness into critical drilling activities to help your team make optimization decisions faster than ever.