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Recruitment Fraud Alert

Precision Drilling is aware of individuals and organizations that are posing as Precision Drilling to present fraudulent employment solicitations, including job opportunities and offers. These organizations typically encourage prospective employees to share personal and financial information and request money for application fees or work permits. THESE OFFERS ARE SCAMS and are FRAUDULENT. These offers appear legitimate as they falsely use Precision’s name and logos, and include details on the position, and salary and benefit information.

Warning signs include, but are not limited to:

  • Receiving an email from a non-Precision Drilling email address ( The email appears to be from a Precision Drilling employee, but the email address is misspelled.
  • Unprofessional emails with multiple mistakes
  • Being asked to submit your personal information such as your social security number through a website or a “bio data form”
  • Receiving a job offer without having ever formally interviewed
  • Being asked to send payment to a third party

How to protect yourself

  • NEVER reply or respond to any email address that does not end in
  • NEVER pay anyone to get a job from Precision Drilling or its affiliated companies
  • NEVER respond to an unsolicited job offer from Precision Drilling

If you are approached, contacted and/or receive an employment offer from Precision Drilling that you believe is a scam or fraudulent, we encourage you to contact your local law enforcement.

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It is our responsibility to nurture and value new employees.

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Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Management is responsible for safety education and training for employees.

High standards encourage superior employee performance.

Housekeeping is a key step in creating a safe work environment.

Safety is an employment condition. Exercise your right to refuse unsafe work.

Equipment and operating exposures can be safeguarded.

Target Zero is achievable.

We believe....“It’s People, It’s Personal”.