Safe Operations Verification

Precision employees assess hazards and ensure controls are in place to mitigate risk before the work starts. We execute to the plan, and if things change we stop and reassess. When the work is done we learn from our successes and our challenges. Every job, every task.

Hazard and Risk Assessmen
Hazard and Risk Assessment

Thorough risk assessment is key to identifying the proper controls to reduce risk. That’s why Precision utilizes our simple, yet comprehensive, Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM) to evaluate risks and threats to people, property, and the environment.

Observation Program
Observation Program

Precision proactively drives safe work behaviors and correction of unsafe acts and conditions through our structured Safety Observation Program.

Stop Work / Step Back
Stop Work / Step Back

All Precision employees are empowered and expected to stop work if the operation is not proceeding to plan, additional hazards are identified or not understood, or if something simply does not feel right. A structured Step Back discussion is then utilized to assess new and existing hazards before the work may proceed.

Incident Reporting and Investigation
Incident Reporting and Investigation

All incidents and near misses are reported and investigated to prevent recurrence. Focus is placed on the potential outcome of all events, and investigations and corrective actions aim to eliminate underlying factors and not just direct causes.

Competent and Fit Workforce
Competent and Fit Workforce

Precision expects all employees to be fit for duty and fit for task, meaning drug and alcohol free, rested, and oriented to the task at hand.

HSE Communications
HSE Communications

Communication is key to an engaged and informed workforce, and at Precision we ensure our employees have the tools they need to succeed through frequent discussion of lessons learned, focus areas, and HSE performance metrics.


The Precision Way
We perform every task the Right Way every time, from initial hazard assesment through each step of the job, including post task review.
Engage, Understand, Ask, Practice.

Target Zero Rules


Be fit for duty/fit for task.


Report all incidents to direct supervisor.


Engage in critical task reviews.


Confirm energy isolation.


Check and maintain all critical safety devices.


Adhere to safe driving policies and procedures.


Follow working at height protocols.


Respect themselves and each other.