As the most active land-drilling contractor in Canada, Precision Drilling offers customers our proven resource drilling expertise, delivered by our highly skilled and passionate people, utilizing our innovative Super Series Rigs.

Not only are we a pioneer in resource drilling, but we are also recognized for introducing AC technology to Canada, offering better drilling efficiencies, and earning our reputation daily as the drilling partner of choice.

Canadian Drilling Facts

  • Operating in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB).
  • Supporting our people through training and development at our state-of-the-art Technical Support and Learning Centre in Nisku.
  • Utilizing our Super Series rigs – Super Single, ST-1200 and ST-1500 – that continue to set new benchmarks for safety, performance, and are among the fastest moving rigs in the industry.
Calgary: (403) 716-4500

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At Precision we believe that fulfilling your career aspirations means being empowered to affect change. Find out if Precision Drilling is the right place for your career.


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