Precision’s EverGreenTM suite of environmental solutions reinforces our longstanding commitment to operating efficiently and with environmental stewardship dating back to the 1990’s when we ran our first grid powered drilling rig. Precision recognizes the importance and necessity of a global energy transition and we are highly motivated to execute our vital role in the energy value chain with the lowest possible environment impact.


Precision’s EverGreen Integrated Power & Emissions Monitoring System provides environmental insights as they occur, monitoring fuel consumption (diesel and natural gas), power generation KPIs and real-time Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Measurements may be extended to boilers, refueling stations and flare lines for a comprehensive power and emissions report.


With newly designed and digitally enabled drilling rigs, access to oilfield data and analytical tools, technological and process improvements have decreased drilling time and increased efficiency tremendously over the past decade. Highly efficient and faster wells undoubtedly reduce drilling GHG emissions, the next step change in emissions reductions is through onsite power generation, displacing diesel fuel as the primary fuel source for drilling operations.

EverGreen Technologies


Precision believes that hydrogen will play a key role in reducing wellsite GHG emissions and is currently exploring technologies and partnerships which will enable us to realize this vision. Hydrogen technologies can be used in a wide variety of applications. Fuel cell technology utilizes a chemical reaction to convert hydrogen into a clean and efficient source of electricity. Hydrogen blending can also be used to combine hydrogen with diesel and/or natural gas to increase efficiency and reduced GHG emissions.