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At Precision we believe that fulfilling your career aspirations means being empowered to affect change. Find out if Precision Drilling is the right place for your career.

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Toughneck Rig Opportunities

Find out if you have what it takes to be a member of one of Precision Drilling’s field and rig-based teams.

Career Opportunities

Join our team of dynamic professionals including positions in our offices, shops & yards across the globe.

International Rig Opportunities

Expand your horizons with our International opportunities.

High Performance requires passionate people

Discover more about whether Precision Drilling is the right place for your career.


Understand What We Believe

All injuries, occupational illnesses and environmental harm are preventable.

Nothing is more important or urgent than safe actions.

It is our responsibility to nurture and value new employees.

All employees have a voice that is heard without criticism.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Management is responsible for safety education and training for employees.

High standards encourage superior employee performance.

Housekeeping is a key step in creating a safe work environment.

Safety is an employment condition. Exercise your right to refuse unsafe work.

Equipment and operating exposures can be safeguarded.

Target Zero is achievable.

We believe....“It’s People, It’s Personal”.