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Precision Drilling
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Precision Drilling - Turning in the Right Direction
Service Lines | Rostel Industries 

Rostel Industries provides high quality in-house engineering, machining, fabrication, component manufacturing, equipment certification and repair services for Precision's drilling and service rigs as well as external customers. 

The majority of Rostel's activities support Precision's business units, and its ability to repair or provide new components for drilling and service rigs ensures that Precision's fleet has the highest levels of efficiency and reliability.

Rostel is fundamental to Precision's vertical integration and provides a major competitive advantage in deliv­er­ing lower overall costs for its customers. Rostel helps Precision to control costs, quality and production schedules for its rigs, top drives and other critical equipment.

Rostel also provides Precision important inspection and certification of critical drilling and service rig components such as masts, substructures, handling tools, overhead and well control equipment.